All quotations for translations are calculated based on the word count of the source language document, i.e. the document to be translated. Please note the following:

  • Minimum Rate
    A minimum rate is charged for short documents in order to cover operating and administrative costs.
  • Latin and Non-Latin Scripts
    Different rates apply to texts using Latin and non-Latin scripts.
  • Editing is charged per word. A minimum rate applies.
  • Copywriting is charged at an hourly rate.

Fixed Rates
Fixed rates apply to all text used in advertising, e.g. brochures, pamphlets, flyers, press releases, posters, mailers, packaging and labels, slogans, pay-off lines, press, radio and television advertisements, etc.

Please note that all rates exclude:

  • author’s corrections (i.e. amendments or additions to original text requiring subsequent amendments or additions to translations)
  • post-DTP proofreading
  • VAT (South African clients only)
  • Postage and courier fees

Method of Payment
International clients: Bank transfer or cheque.
Local clients: Electronic fund transfer (EFT), cheque or cash.